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Schulze & Pederson, Chartered is a personal injury law firm located in Washington, DC. We specialize as a personal injury lawyer, but the practice also covers a wide range of litigation such as general civil practice, estate administration & planning, workers’ compensation, traffic citations, domestic relations and criminal law, among other areas of the law.

The firm strives to provide accurate, impartial and quality legal advice and service to our clients. Maximum attention is applied to each and every case. Our commitment is to exceptional public service, not limited by boundaries of ethnic, racial, gender, religious or sexual orientation. We consider our clients as part of our “firm family,” and most clients once with us, never leave. From being your estate lawyer to your DUI attorney, we can handle diverse types of legal affairs.

If you are interested in contacting our law firm, call 202-364-1111 in Washington, D.C. for more information.

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  • Personal Injury Lawyers
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